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IFG Stay Healthy.


While our Stay Healthy series has come to an end, the health of our employees and contractors remain of utmost importance, so we wanted to share these final submissions. Here’s what some of us have been up to during our downtime:

Mark Wettlaufer Contract Security Architect

My wife and I moved to this “new” house several years ago. We worked on the landscaping and had gardenias (background) that stayed, but everything else was ripped out and replaced. The Japanese Maple (front) was tiny and some small shrubs were placed against the porch. The small shrubs didn’t survive, so we split daisies from another garden. This is now: the gardenias are still there, the Japanese Maple is huge, and the daisies have taken over the back!

Gurj Phagura IFG Systems Engineer

I hope everyone is healthy and well. One of my hobbies is putting together and flying R/C helicopters and airplanes. This is my scaled Bell 206 helicopter. I still find time to take a break and put in some flight time in my backyard.

We loved hearing from you!

Thank you again to everyone for their submissions, stay healthy.

Gretchen Williams is IFG's Director of Business Development responsible for promoting business development to State of California and local governments. Get more of her articles, or connect with her on LinkedIn.