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What is the IFG Advantage?

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We focus on relationships, capability, and quality.

We believe that technology has the power to change the ways that citizens access government services and can have a positive impact on the value and benefits that they receive. Bringing people together to share ideas, knowledge, experience, and inspiration helps them to achieve better outcomes for their missions.

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IFG focuses on providing strategic methodologies and practices that lead to informed decision making, improved outcomes, and lower risk. Strategy forms the basis of how organizations align their actions with business goals and help to shape their future. We believe that an organization that is poised to be responsive to changes can maximize the benefits and value of its investment in technology, processes, and people. And, that organizations can learn from how the future unfolds to further shape their beliefs and choices and to thrive in an environment of uncertainty and doubt.

IFG consulting practices are focused on business agility, digital empowerment, and operational sustainability. We support our clients by sharing our expertise through advising, coaching, mentoring, and working alongside them to maximize the delivery of business value and to make the experience efficient and sustainable.

Business Agility

Investment in technology is a means for developing better organizational capability and capacity but is often solely focused on project outcomes. By leveraging gains derived from project outcomes, clients can realize additional return on their investments. IFG understands the patterns and practices of organizational success and has the people, skills, and experience to help our clients identify and realize business value.

The foundational elements of business agility are rooted in management philosophies that tie to organizational behaviors that foster growth and stability of people, processes and technology. The pillars of these behaviors are culture, Lean/Agile practices, continuous improvement, and value focused delivery. These pillars help to define dimensions of organizational capabilities and combined with measurable operational health metrics, provide insights into focus areas that lead to sustainable organizational maturity.

Digital Empowerment

IFG is committed to helping make government digital services more efficient for its departments and more effective for its citizens. Our core belief is that technology has the power to change the ways that state workers perform their jobs and how citizens access government services. These changes can have a positive impact on the value and benefits that they receive. We believe that bringing people together to share ideas, knowledge, experience, and inspiration helps them to achieve better outcomes for their missions.

Digital Services is the concept that services that people depend on for their jobs or personal well-being – are delivered through digital channels such as websites, email, and mobile applications. The traditional approach of building monolithic applications to deliver these services is fraught with cost overruns, delays, and failed projects. Digital transformation efforts seek to reduce these traditional approaches’ amount of risk by taking a value-delivery focused approach to designing, developing, and implementing technology solutions. It uses Lean/Agile practices to incrementally deliver value and values understanding what people need over telling them what others believe is best for them.

Digital Empowerment is the idea that organizations must change the way that they do business to build capabilities and practices that are more responsive to changing business needs and emerging facts. These capabilities can be developed using proven methodologies and frameworks that have been successfully used from both private sector and government to cultivate practices that positively impact their people, processes, and technology.

Digital Transformation is the journey to develop the organizational mindset and capabilities through implementation of industry best practices for effective project and program delivery. These practices should be repeatable and drive learning, communication and transparency, and result in sustainable outcomes that drive measurable value.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a mindset that embraces problem solving, teamwork, and leadership as the key to sustainable operations. It is the consistent and reliable execution of maintenance and operational services that lowers operational risk and costs. Operational Excellence is achieved when every member of an organization can see the flow of value to the customer.

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, organizations have undergone end-to-end business transformation to simplify, streamline, and automate many operational capabilities. Organizations that engage their internal and external customers and constantly innovate and adopt continuous improvement throughout their operational processes can achieve operational excellence that will be evidenced by predictable service levels and quality.

The IFG team embraces the pursuit of Operational Excellence through the use of reusable processes and practices. We find that using Lean/Agile iterative practices, automating tasks such as testing and monitoring, and leveraging modern technology for continuous integration/continuous delivery help to ensure that software and systems can meet confidentiality, availability, and integrity objectives of your organization.