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IFG truly values and honors integrity, authenticity, work ethic, open communication, and commitment with our staff and clients.

We all gain credibility and satisfaction by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity, and reaching career and company goals. We also understand that everyone makes occasional mistakes and choose to see them as learning opportunities.

Think IFG.

Be part of a team that delivers measurable value to critical technology projects working with IFG, voted Sacramento Business Journal ‘Best Place to Work’ 3 years in a row.

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2021 Awards

Meaningful and Appreciated Work

Our team delivers products and services that add measurable value to our clients’ critical projects – making it possible for us to derive a real pride of ownership in our work results and to feel good about working for IFG.

We want our employees to feel valued and let our employees know that they are important, creating a positive work environment. When we show appreciation for their efforts, IFG employees and contractors feel valued.

Our team members truly feel supported and understood as they juggle work and family, maintain a household, and deal with unexpected work and personal situations. They are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellness by offering excellent medical benefits, unlimited personal time off, and discounts on gym memberships. We encourage our staff to pursue their passions both at work and in their personal life.

Collaborative Culture

IFG has a culture of open, honest, and consistent communication, collaboration, and feedback, and that fosters employee engagement with leaders who really listen. Because many of our people are on the front line with our clients, they often share excellent ideas and suggestions for improvements that benefit us all. Rather than a typical management decision hierarchy, IFG uses a team approach in most areas of our business including operations, capture, marketing, innovation, finance, etc.

Our collaboration teams bring together people with different perspectives and information who work together through idea sharing and thinking to achieve a common goal.

A Connected Team

Our recruiting team focuses not only on hiring for the right skillsets our clients require, but also pays close attention to finding team members that are the “right fit” for our company and clients. Fit can include many factors such as personality, social awareness, leadership ability, work ethic, and behavioral intelligence.

We provide competitive compensation and benefits required to retain top talent, and create opportunities for workers to connect on a personal level during casual conversations, team lunches, after work get-togethers, and holiday celebrations.


Available Jobs

Don’t see a job that’s the right fit? Send us your resume and we’ll keep it on file.