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Strategy and Consulting

IFG provides Information Technology strategy and consulting services to drive and expedite successful business outcomes.

We believe that technology has the power to change the ways that citizens access government services and can have a positive impact on the value and benefits that they receive. Bringing people together to share ideas, knowledge, experience, and inspiration helps them to achieve better outcomes for their missions.

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IFG focuses on providing strategic methodologies and practices that lead to informed decision making, improved outcomes, and lower risk. Strategy forms the basis of how organizations align their actions with business goals and help to shape their future.

We believe that an organization that is poised to be responsive to changes can maximize the benefits and value of its investment in technology, processes, and people. And, that organizations can learn from how the future unfolds to further shape their beliefs and choices and to thrive in an environment of uncertainty and doubt.

Strategic Planning

IFG offers services from the initial assessment, planning, and strategy development, through developing a roadmap and implementation plan. The process for developing an effective strategic plan starts with identifying the business drivers that are important to your organization and establishing outcomes that align your technology initiatives with measurable benefit.

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Business Agility

A Business Agility strategy will help cultivate capabilities that ensure your organization can deliver and sustain measurable business value.

The foundational elements of business agility are rooted in management philosophies that foster growth and stability of people, processes, and technology. Culture, Lean/Agile practices, continuous improvement and value focused delivery help to define dimensions of organizational capabilities and combined with measurable operational health metrics, provide insights into focus areas that lead to sustainable organizational maturity.

Application Security and Governance Strategy

IFG has developed and tested a robust information Application Security and Architecture Governance framework with supporting methodologies to generate your organization’s comprehensive, highly actionable, and measurable security strategy and roadmap. IFG’s security framework combines Identity Management, Privileged Access, and API Management objectives and aligns them with NIST SP 800-53 critical security controls to ensure that all areas of security are considered, covered, and reported upon. To ensure that the security strategy is built in alignment with and supportive of enterprise and IT strategies and plans, we provide checklists, tools, and processes to gather requirements across the organization, key stakeholders, customers, regulators, and other parties. IFG’s tested and proven rationalization and prioritization methodologies ensure that the strategy is not only the one the organization needs, but also the one the organization can support.


At IFG, we champion a more agile work approach for State and local government. The next generation of government is government agility – client-focused, outcome-aligned, organized, and structured for empowered teams; and managed by agile leaders.

Our team has a unique mixture of professional experience amassed from decades of experience in senior positions with major technology and consulting firms. As a result, we offer a variety of consulting services that span the IT lifecycle to help our clients create sustainable business value from their IT investments.

Coaching and Project Management

Individuals are at the center of high-performing teams. Whether at an executive leadership, business unit, team, or individual level, coaching and mentoring help to develop skills and experience required for success. When adopting agile practices, knowing how and where to start can be a challenge for even the most experienced teams.

IFG has a team of Senior Project Managers and Agile Coaches that provide seasoned project oversight and management expertise based on years of experience applying industry best practices across multiple government projects throughout the State of California. Our proven approach combines qualitative and quantitative metrics to help identify improvement areas and achieve self-reliance and sustainability practices.

Custom Software Development, Delivery, and Maintenance

Traditional software development projects face client scrutiny as not delivering on promises or keeping up with the rapidly changing technology landscape. Multi-year projects introduce the risk that technology chosen today may become obsolete or lag behind industry leaders by the time it is implemented, quickly becoming the source of “technical debt.” Shifting your organizational strategies and processes from a primarily Waterfall-driven approach to a more Agile one requires thoughtful strategies and approaches to help your organization manage and sustain the change.

Leveraging Agile methodologies provides the flexibility to address change but also requires consistent structured communication between business, technical, development, and operational resources.

IFG has used Agile methodologies to successfully provide application development services to our customers since 2008. Our approach has been refined on dozens of software development projects. Years of our software design, development, and implementation practices refinement have culminated in successful, repeatable processes that build quality into the software development process. We provide custom software development and delivery services as well as application hosting and maintenance to eliminate the need for internal expertise necessary to support your implementation.

DevOps / SecDevOps, and Automated Testing

Using best practices from technology leaders including AWS, Docker, HashiCorp, and Google, IFG helps our clients develop capabilities that provide economies of scale and supportability. Adjusting your development practices and process to support modern approaches to design, build, and deploy your software solutions can inadvertently saddle your organization with technical debt due to unsuccessful trial and error of various methods and tools.

The goals of IFG’s DevOps practice are to help you accelerate your ability to more quickly deliver functionality to your business users and to drive down the costs to remediate issues caused by manual processes. From architecture to implementation and production support, we provide complete end-to-end support to empower your teams to effectively maximize the full potential from Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Test Automation processes.

Traditional testing practices are typically implemented toward the end of the development lifecycle, increasing the costs of remediation and negatively impacting the timeliness of production releases. Modern software development practices have focused on remediation of flaws as early in the software development process as possible. With the advances in test automation, performance, regression, integration, system, and security testing can be performed early in the development process and be included as part of a build and deploy pipeline and provide a sustainable process for continuous testing.

Application Security

Whether private or public sector, business is built on trust. This trust is based upon a foundation of both protecting a company’s or department’s data assets while enabling users to easily conduct business. This trust can be quickly eroded due to a security breach. Deploying application security software is often used to prevent and/or identify these breaches. However, this approach all too often only addresses the symptom(s) and not the root cause. A comprehensive security program that addresses the key components of people, processes, and technology enables companies and departments the ability to protect data assets while conducting business, and in the event of a breach, quickly remediate.

IFG offers a broad and comprehensive range of expertise to support your Application Security strategy. As a CA Technologies Certified Solution Partner, we provide products, services, and training to help maturation of your organization’s protection efforts. We have a broad range of expertise in enterprise security services including Identity and Access Management, API Management, and continuous security code testing and monitoring to help your organization to develop solid security governance and compliance practices using the CA Technologies suite of products.

Application Security goes hand in hand with other aspects of an organization’s security services such as network security, data security, and other cybersecurity services to help companies protect, detect, and respond in the event of an incident. IFG assists organizations to design, build, run, maintain, and monitor their applications.

Performance Monitoring

Organizations often fall into the trap of focusing so intensely on content and capabilities for their applications that they neglect one of the areas that is most important to the audience: Performance. Application performance needs to be a priority while maintaining a fast-updating development environment. Continuous Performance testing and monitoring in an agile environment is the best way to ensure application performance with quicker development cycles. Balancing agile and DevOps velocity with the need for ongoing performance testing and monitoring is essential. Business Agility designs, delivers, and supports robust, scalable, technical solutions.


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