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Strategy and Consulting

IFG provides Information Technology strategy and consulting services to
drive and expedite successful business outcomes.

We believe that technology has the power to change the ways that citizens access government services and can have a positive impact on the value and benefits that they receive. Bringing people together to cultivate ideas, share knowledge, leverage experience, and explore the art of the possible which enables them to achieve improved outcomes.

Our team has an extensive and complementary blend of professional experience in the public and private sectors accumulated over decades in senior positions with major technology and consulting firms and state agencies. This depth and breadth of skill and experience allows us to offer a variety of consulting services that span the IT life cycle to help our clients solve problems, reach their goals, and create sustainable business value from their IT investments.

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Strategy Consulting

IFG focuses on providing strategic methodologies and practices that lead to informed decision making, improved outcomes, and lower risk. Strategy forms the basis of how organizations align their actions with business goals and help to shape their future.

We believe that an organization that is poised to be responsive to changes can maximize the benefits and value of its investment in technology, processes, and people. This also enables organizations to learn from how the future unfolds to further shape their beliefs and choices and to thrive in an environment of uncertainty and doubt.

Technology Roadmaps

Technology enables organizations to achieve both shortterm and long-term business goals and objectives. A technology roadmap helps identify the business capabilities that can be enabled by technology solutions, in addition to what will be required to maintain those systems. IFG offers consulting services to develop a technology roadmap by assessing current and future state capabilities, identifying people, process, and technology gaps, and formulating a strategy for implementation.

Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is vital for the success of any large-scale initiative especially as it relates to managing the people side of change. Proper OCM not only builds awareness but creates desire, inspires ownership, and supports necessary readiness preparation activities. Some projects require more change than others, but even small changes if not properly planned can alter perceived project success. Critical interdependencies, more often than not, are overlooked when operational improvements or technology projects are executed. When the people side of change impact is overlooked or minimized, the business often fails to realize the full benefit that was originally intended. The importance of investing in the human side of change as part of planning is essential.

IFG helps organizations manage the change/transition process prior to and during project execution – ultimately supporting the goal of an organization being ready to embrace and fully realize benefits and improvements the day they are deployed, maximizing their return on investment.

Business Process Re-engineering

At its core, the goal of business process re-engineering is to increase efficiency, maximize resource utilization, and improve business outcomes. This desired end state can be achieved several ways starting as simply as streamlining manual process steps taken by individuals to support specific business functions up to more complex processes which may include cross-organizational programmatic or
strategic interdependencies. Implementation of new technology solutions also impacts business processes which requires a thoughtful and proactive approach to developing a strategy that incorporates both aspects in the early planning stages. All business process improvements should be measurable and address gains in productivity, cycle times, costs, and quality.

IFG partners with organizations to assess size, complexity, drivers, and barriers to develop a comprehensive and customized approach that best supports your goal of achieving improved business outcomes.

Application Security and Governance Strategy

IFG has developed and tested a robust information Application Security and Architecture Governance framework with supporting methodologies to generate your organization’s comprehensive, highly actionable, and measurable security strategy and roadmap. IFG’s security framework combines Identity Management, Privileged Access, and API Management objectives and aligns them with NIST SP 800-53 critical security controls to ensure that all areas of security are considered, covered, and reported upon. To ensure that the security strategy is built in alignment with and supportive of enterprise and IT strategies and plans, we provide checklists, tools, and processes to gather requirements across the organization, key stakeholders, customers, regulators, and other parties. IFG’s tested and proven rationalization and prioritization methodologies ensure that the strategy is not only the one the organization needs, but also the one the organization can support.

Information Security

Business is built on trust. This trust is based upon a foundation of both protecting an organization’s data assets while enabling users to easily conduct business. This trust can be quickly eroded due to a security breach. Deploying application security software is often used to prevent and/or identify these breaches. However, this approach all too often only addresses the symptom(s) and not the root cause. A comprehensive security program that addresses the key components of people, processes, and technology enables our clients to protect data assets while conducting business, and in the event of a breach, to quickly remediate.

IFG offers a broad and comprehensive range of expertise to support your Information Security strategy with extensive experience in the assessment, planning, implementation, and oversight of information security programs. We provide independent security control assessments and focus on critical incident response to physical and information security threats, auditing, and computer-aided dispatching consulting using industry security control standards.

Business is built on trust. This trust is based upon a foundation of both protecting an organization’s data assets while enabling users to easily conduct business.

Information Security goes hand in hand with other aspects of an organization’s security services such as network security, data security, and other cybersecurity services to help companies protect, detect, and respond in the event of an incident. IFG also assists organizations to design, build, run, maintain, and monitor their applications.

Security Operations (SecOps)

While the technologies, processes, and cultural shifts of DevOps have improved the ability of software teams to rapidly and effectively deliver reliable work, security has not been a focal point in the transformation of cloud IT infrastructure. As Information Security teams become more important in organizations, there is often a distinct gap that arises between them and IT Operations teams.

By implementing SecOps, your organization can reap a multitude of benefits stemming from the integration of operations, security, and development functions and the alignment of your goals including more efficient operations; reduced resource utilization; and fewer cloud and app security issues and disruptions.

The IFG team can assist you with collaboration between IT Security and IT Operations to effectively mitigate risk; enable your teams to prioritize and remediate critical vulnerabilities; and systematically address compliance violations through an integrated and automated approach across your multi cloud environment.

Information Security Governance, Strategy, and Implementation

IFG has developed an Information Security and Architecture Governance framework to help you generate your organization’s comprehensive, highly actionable, and measurable security strategy and roadmap. IFG’s security framework combines Identity Management, Privileged Access, and API Management objectives and aligns them with NIST SP 800-53 critical security controls to ensure that all areas of security are considered, covered, and reported upon.



Project Management

IFG Senior Project Managers provide seasoned project oversight and management expertise based on their extensive experience applying industry best practices across multiple government projects throughout the State of California. They have assisted our clients with the success of some of the most critical and high-profile IT projects in the state. Our proven approaches combine qualitative and quantitative metrics to help identify improvement areas and achieve self-reliance and sustainability practices.

Agile Project Management and Coaching

Individuals are at the center of high-performing teams. Whether at an executive leadership, business unit, team, or individual level, coaching and mentoring help to develop skills and experience required for success. When adopting agile practices, knowing how and where to start can be a challenge for even the most experienced teams. IFG Agile Coaches and Project Managers work with clients at all levels to transition them to agile and then work with them on successful agile practices.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing are pivotal to the success and reliability of any project or system implementation. IFG’s approach to QA involves a meticulous process of verification and validation, ensuring that deliverables meet strict standards and user requirements before deployment. We employ robust testing methodologies that include unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing phases, all geared towards mitigating risks and identifying potential defects early in the development cycle. Our dedicated teams work closely with clients to tailor testing strategies that align with their objectives, optimizing performance and guaranteeing that systems operate smoothly, efficiently, and securely. By prioritizing quality at every step, IFG ensures that projects are executed to the highest levels of excellence, and that the solutions we deliver are not just functional, but truly enhance business operations and drive client satisfaction.

Application Development, Delivery, and Maintenance

Traditional software development projects face client scrutiny as not delivering on promises or keeping up with the rapidly changing technology landscape. Multi-year projects introduce the risk that technology chosen today may become obsolete or lag behind industry leaders by the time it is implemented, quickly becoming the source of “technical

Since 2008, IFG has used agile methodologies to successfully provide application development services to our customers. We have refined our approach through experience with dozens of software development projects. Our team’s many years of software design, development, and implementation practice refinements have culminated in successful, repeatable processes that build quality into the software development process. IFG provides custom software development and delivery services as well as application hosting and maintenance to eliminate the need for internal expertise necessary to support your implementation.


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