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Technology Solutions

IFG Technology Solutions is partnered with industry-leading manufacturers to help clients procure known and trusted technology solutions and products. We work closely with our clients and partners to determine solution needs and provide implementation, integration, and support services for those technology solutions.

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Software Licensing

IFG holds Software Licensing Program (SLP) contracts with CA/Broadcom, SAS, and Veracode in the State of California. SLP contracts simplify the process for procuring proprietary software licenses and software upgrades and allow departments to take advantage of pre-negotiated volume discounts offered to the State by software publishers. IFG can assist you in determining your licensing needs and prepare quotes for budgetary and purchasing purposes.

Technology Partners

ca broadcom






Application Security Services

IFG specializes in Application Security Services. Businesses can often deploy application security software in lieu of developing security practices and processes, leaving gaps in the efficacy of the department’s security program. IFG provides a broad range of Application Security products and services to help maturation of their protection efforts. Application Security goes hand in hand with other aspects of an organization’s security services such as network security, data security, and other cybersecurity services to help companies protect, detect, and respond in the event of an incident. IFG assists organizations to design, build, run, maintain, and monitor their applications.

Our Services Include:

  • Secure Application Development
  • Identity and Access Management
  • API Security
  • API Management
  • Data Security
  • Application Performance Monitoring

Contracting Options

IFG is licensed to do business in many states and holds multiple contracts in the public sector making it easier for our clients to do business with us. We are also a State of California certified small business and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certified through the California Department of Transportation.

State of California

  • CA Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS): #3-17-70-3143D, term 05/15/2020-01/31/2025
  • CA Master Services Agreement (MSA): #5137002-100, term 04/21/2017-04/20/2022
  • Software Site Licensing Program (SLP)
    • CA/Broadcom: SLP-19-70-0144K term 11/05/2019-11/05/2022
    • SAS: SLP-18-70-0144H, term 06/11/2018-04/15/2021
    • SLP-19-70-0144i, term 04/23/2019-12/31/2022
    • Okta: SLP-19-70-0144J, term 09/20/2019-09/20/2022
    • ServiceNow: Coming Soon.
  • Small Business
    Certification: #56095
  • Disadvantaged Business
    Enterprise: #43692
  • City of Sacramento
  • County of Sacramento
  • County of San Bernardino
  • Los Angeles County
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Sacramento Municipal Utiliuty District (SEED Vendor)

State of Washington

  • Department of Enterprise Services (DES), IT Professional Services (ITPS) Master Program Agreement: Vendor #W54966
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise: 43692
  • City of Seattle

State of Oregon

  • City of Portland

State of Texas

State of Colorado

State of Nevada

Federal Government 

  • Section 8a Certification


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Get started with IFG Technology Solutions by getting in touch with Dawn Lewis, IFG’s Director of Capture and Marketing. Request a call with Dawn using the form below, or give her a call at (916) 231-4118.