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Hosting and Managed Solutions

IFG’s Hosting and Managed Solutions allow organizations to outsource the management of their applications and related infrastructure to our support team, enabling our clients to focus on their core competencies and business goals without concern for the maintenance of their IT environments.

IFG bridges the gap between your business objectives and your IT capabilities by providing application hosting, monitoring, and event management as well as systems administration and support services. Our approach provides clients with the opportunity to eliminate big, upfront capital infrastructure investments and replace them with a more manageable operational expense that can scale with their business. We leverage our Lean-Agile expertise to accelerate timely delivery of incremental and sustainable business value permitting our clients to achieve their desired business outcomes; meet business, compliance, and risk objectives; and more fully realize their business vision.

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Managed Services Benefits

IFG Managed Services provide multiple client benefits including:

  • Freeing up IT personnel and permitting IT departments to avoid hiring additional support staff
  • Accelerating growth and expansions and providing greater scalability
  • Providing IT expertise on demand
  • Resulting in more predictable IT costs

The IFG Difference

  • Expertise in multiple key areas including IT architecture, Agile software development, and IT service management permits us to design, implement, and support highly customized environments for our clients including solutions for data management, data analytics, DevOps, and hosting of complex custom applications.
  • Robust and reliable infrastructure based on hyper-converged SimpliVity platform for virtual environments, Palo Alto Networks firewalls and endpoint security, and industry-standard monitoring solutions distributed between two data centers to provide highly available hosted solutions.
  • Eight years’ experience successfully providing managed solutions for State agencies allows us to bring deep understanding of agency needs and compliance requirements to each project and client.

Case Study: Data Analytics Platform

The Challenge

An IFG client required a customized solution for the following needs:

  • Merge, clean, and link multiple datasets and additional data sources into the data warehouse
  • Develop processes and standards for data management
  • Identify and configure analytics and visualizations for publication on public websites
  • Manage publication of data to the open data platform

The implemented IFG solution permitted the client to concentrate on their critical business outcomes and launch projects aimed at providing data transparency through better reporting and data visualization.

Our Solution

  • Configuring and hosting IT infrastructure for data management and analytics including database servers, SAS Office Analytics, and a solution for secure remote access
  • Providing maintenance and support of this infrastructure including 24x7x365 monitoring data backup and regular system patching
  • Developing a security solution:
    • Authentication and authorization
    • Advanced endpoint protection from malware and exploits
    • Firewall and SIEM tool
    • Encryption of network traffic for critical data transfers
  • Providing technical support of the infrastructure and data management services


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