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IFG Stay Healthy: How have you brightened someone’s day?


Doing a little something to show someone you care not only lifts their spirits, but also yours. These actions can start a wave of positivity throughout our community. Here’s how some of us are spreading some sunshine:

Don Coffey IFG Operations Administrator

In the time of change it is good to know we are not alone. Sometimes your spouse’s hobbies become part of your life. Here’s some pictures of our dill being picked and corn that is growing.

Gretchen Williams IFG Managing Director of Professional Resource Management

I started to assess early on how I could help those I care about the most. It was tough initially because the traditional ways I would have done it (e.g. schedule dinner) didn’t align with social distancing guidelines. It dawned on me a few weeks in, as I fought my untamed hair, that my dear friend and longtime hairdresser had been significantly impacted by the stay at home order. I put a spreadsheet together that projected all my appointments for 2020 and sent that along with a check for services paid in advance. The call I received from her was priceless and affirmed that a small gesture of paying it forward goes a long way.

Gretchen Williams is IFG's Director of Business Development responsible for promoting business development to State of California and local governments. Get more of her articles, or connect with her on LinkedIn.