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IFG Stay Healthy: What shows or movies are you binging?


It’s a perfect time to try out a new show (or two, or three) with the family. Here’s what a few of us are watching:

Christine Earnest IFG Accounting Manager/Office Manager

Since we can’t go to the movies, which I do a lot of with the grandkids, I have been binge watching Game of Thrones on HBO. I have never watched this show before and I’m really enjoying it.

Ray Birchler IFG Senior Enterprise and System Architect

This question is a little different for my family. We have been catching up on the “honey do” list more than watching a lot of TV. In many ways this is driven by the fact we only have one TV setup at the moment. The second one is in the house, but we have not gotten around to hooking it up yet. That is getting closer to the top of the list.

Mike Shirk IFG Managing Director of Professional Resource Management

In order to get my 17 year old son away from his nightly video games with his buddies and hang out with the family, we’ve agreed to watch what he wants to watch…which has been entertaining….

My rating 1 out of 10 (10 being the best) is:
1. Outer Banks (8 out of 10)
2. Last Chance U (7 out of 10)
3. All American (8 out of 10)
4. Punisher (6 out of 10)
5. Last Dance (Michael Jordan Story on ESPN) (10 out of 10)
6. The Ranch (Netflix) (9 out of 10)
7. Yellowstone (Prime) (10 out of 10)
8. Northern Rescue (Netflix) (10 out of 10).





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