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IFG Stay Healthy: How are you staying entertained?


Many of us are binging tv shows or playing board games, but fellow parents may relate to how a few of us at IFG are staying entertained:

Thuy Truong IFG Operations Administrator

When taking breaks from distant learning, we have been playing the memory card game and going on walks. We found a trail close to home where we pick flowers, count bugs, and play I Spy. It definitely has kept us both entertained.







Alex Lamykin IFG Managed Services Manager

Keeping our very active 5-year old son busy throughout the day is a kind of entertainment by itself :) Luckily, his school provides some distance learning classes over Zoom. Also, living in The Bridge District gives us the luxury of riverfront promenade and community garden. Walking for an hour or so became our daily norm.





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