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Celebrate Your Small Victories


During my lifelong mental health journey for understanding and acceptance, I have learned that the small victories can help keep us sane or at least give us a small but necessary sense of accomplishment.

  • You washed your hair today?
  • You washed the dishes?
  • You made the bed?
  • You braved the crowded grocery store?

The four main models to explain mental illness, psychological abnormality, or (insert synonym of choice) are biological, behavioral, cognitive, and psychodynamic. To be aware of and understand these pillars and the snowball effect any of them can have on one’s mental health, puts things in a very real perspective.

Example: The behavioral pillar – The small, everyday task victories really ARE important. Lacking in these accomplishments can also point to onset symptoms of serious mental health issues. Sure, I skip a day, or two washing my hair…who doesn’t?  But, is that just because I’m not going out in public or it’s a lounge weekend? Or, instead is it that this every-day chore is more than I can handle without stress, or at an extreme, the last thing that sends me into a crippling spiral? Sound ridiculous? Not so for some, actually for many.

The everyday tasks we handle all affect our behavior. It’s not just about the hair, that’s a small hill compared to the mountain that develops. When anxiety and/or depression hit hard, everything seems like a challenge. Nothing seems good enough, and it can feel suffocating. That elephant that sits on people’s chests DOES EXIST! Finding a work-life balance while maintaining some of our most basic needs IS a lot. A crisis of any magnitude or upset in our plan on top of everything else IS a lot. We’ve all been there, are now, and will be again.

This is a friendly reminder to give yourself credit for doing your best. Give yourself a break and be kind to yourself. Even in the dark hours, celebrate your small victories! They are so important to your health.

Feeling a sense of order and accomplishment in the small things or in the small bites of something bigger is healing and helps keep us all moving forward.

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