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With Success Comes Opportunity


IFG has enjoyed strong year-over-year growth, and our 2023 business outlook is bright. We’re pleased to announce we expanded our internal staff to ensure that our growth continues to support our capabilities, quality, and culture.

Julie Raetz, Senior Resource Manager/Recruiter, has 10 years of experience in talent acquisition and management to increase the reach of our Resource Management and Strategic Partnership team.

Lori Hayword, Director of Finance and Operations comes to us from a long career at Oracle for this new position and is responsible for the company financial goals and managing our Operations, Accounting, and HR teams.

Wendy Gettman, Human Resources / Operations Specialist, has 4 years of HR management and helps to solidify and mature our HR practices and support key HR and Operations functions.

Sharyl O’Bryan, Senior Proposal Manager, joins IFG with two decades of private and SLED proposal experience, business development, and marketing to expand our capture capabilities and depth.

Jessica Lopez, Senior Proposal Manager, joins IFG with 14 years of proposal management and marketing experience to support and expand our capture, proposals, and marketing capabilities.

Veronica Dillaboy, Project Support Specialist, has transitioned to the newly formed Project Support team to closely work with IFG’s Engagement Managers to build client relationships and support proposals and project administration.

Dawn Lewis is IFG Director of Capture and Marketing responsible for capture management and marketing. Get more of her articles, or connect with her on LinkedIn.