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Winner Announcement for Bus Shelter Ad Competition!


IFG is proud to announce that the winner of the bus shelter ad competition is Julie A. Murphy from the Law Offices of Ian W. Craig, PC!

On June 1st, IFG launched a transit ad campaign that included 9 IFG commitment ads at bus shelters across downtown Sacramento. The human-centered campaign was a part of a recent re-brand effort and focused on IFG’s commitment to helping clients improve service delivery to California Citizens. The ads featured the familiar faces of President, Frank Ono and Managing Director, Gretchen Williams.

During the campaign, IFG presented a fun challenge to all State and private sector partners to spot and send in their photos of the ads to be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Cards.

Congratulations, Julie!

Dawn Lewis is IFG Director of Capture and Marketing responsible for capture management and marketing. Get more of her articles, or connect with her on LinkedIn.