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IFG Stay Healthy: Creativity comes in many forms


Last Monday, we asked how you’re keeping your brain engaged and creativity flowing while staying at home. Here’s what a few of you shared.

Colleen Abrams IFG Proposal Management

I’m having fun creating new recipes with the ingredients from my pantry – some unexpected combinations that actually taste good! I’m also finding new ways to ‘see’ and support my friends and family, including seeing who can wear the silliest costumes on our video chats. And, I continue to find solace by working in the garden, even if it’s just pulling weeds.


Ray Birchler IFG Senior Enterprise and System Architect

I am spending time working on building a new fence across my backyard between rain storms. Most of the work is being done after work instead of my hour long commute and on weekends.




Mike Shirk IFG Managing Director of Professional Resource Management

First of all, my family and I are so grateful to be healthy and still working in our jobs. Since I already work from home, my life hasn’t changed much, except that I am doing all of the cooking and shopping for our family now because my wife is considered an essential worker for Kaiser Roseville on the Mother bay Unit. She comes home pretty wiped out from a stress filled day and she just wants to rest when she’s gets home. So, as a result, I am finding a lot of peace in coming up with different recipes to take my mind off the current events in the news. Love’em my tacos with ground beef and chorizo.


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