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The iFish Group (IFG) is committed to helping make government digital services more efficient for its departments and more effective for its citizens. This commitment is founded upon our core beliefs that technology has the power to change the ways that citizens access government services and can have a positive impact on the value and benefits that they receive. We believe that bringing people together to share ideas, knowledge, experience, and inspiration helps them to achieve better outcomes for their missions. Our focus is to share our expertise through coaching, mentoring, and working alongside our customers to maximize the delivery of business value, and to make the experience efficient and sustainable.


Our Services

Strategic Planning
Developing a solid strategy for driving business value from IT investments helps to bring focus to your technology priorities.  The process for developing an effective strategic plan starts with identifying the business drivers that are important to your organization and establishing outcomes that align your technology initiatives with measurable benefit.
Agility Services
The iFish Group (IFG) is proud to be partnered with some of the most innovative thought leadership in Agile practices.  We are partners with Scaled Agile, Inc. and Agile Transformation, developers of proven, integrated patterns for implementing Lean-Agile practices.
Coaching and Mentoring
At the center of high performing teams are individuals.  Whether at an executive leadership, business unit, team or individual level, coaching and mentoring helps to develop skills and experience to obtain success.  Our proven approach combines qualitative and quantitative metrics to help identify improvement areas and achieve self reliance and sustainability practices.

Enterprise Business Agility

Traditional software development projects face scrutiny from business customers as not delivering on promises nor being able to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape.  Projects that span multiple years introduce the risk that technology chosen today may be obsolete or lag behind industry leaders and can quickly become the source of “technical debt”. Shifting your organizational strategies and processes  from a primarily Waterfall-driven approach to a more Agile requires thoughtful strategies and approaches to help your organization manage and sustain the change. Our consultants will help you to understand the seven key areas of Enterprise Business Agility and identify how a long term strategy for maturing those capabilities can help to drive sustainable value to your business.

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Agile Software Development

Theory is always easy.  However, to successfully deploy a complex, software development project requires discipline. Leveraging Agile methodologies provides the flexibility to address change but also requires consistent structured communication between business, technical, development and operational resources. Having the technical dexterity for “coding” the solution, is only one aspect of a successful product team.

The iFish Group has been providing application development services to customers using Agile methodologies since 2008.  Our approach has been refined on dozens of software development projects.

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DevOps Consulting Services

Adjusting your development practices and process to support modern approaches to design, build and deploy of your software solutions can inadvertently saddle your organization with technical debt due to unsuccessful trial and error of various methods and tools.  Leverage our best practices for architecture and deployment of DevOps pipelines on private and public cloud infrastructure to jump start your infrastructure capabilities.

We are experts in Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Test and Process Automation and can assist your team to claw back some of your technical debt.

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People Say…

Special District Risk Management Authority

The iFish Group has been a trusted business partner since 2008 and has worked with our executives, management, staff and board to successfully drive business value for our members through sound investments in technology.  Over the years, iFish has completed multiple projects ranging in size from small modifications to replacing key line of business applications across the enterprise.  Their managed services group provides us with long term data retention, remote backup and recovery, and a secondary site in the event of a disaster. The partnership allows us to realize significant operational efficiency and capabilities from a relatively small staff compared to other organization our size.

Greg Hall, CEO

The iFish Group Facts

The iFish Group, Inc. is a California certified small business headquartered in Sacramento, CA

We hold public sector Master Services Agreements in multiple states including California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington and are resellers for CA, AgilityHealth, Infotech, Rubrik LiveStories and SAS.

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