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Proposals and Contract Services

Having the right capture and proposal processes can raise your win probability, increase your new business revenue, and decrease your cost of new business acquisition.

A well-defined, proven, and supported Proposal Management process and methodology is key to providing clients with a compliant, compelling, and winning proposal. Whether your company is poised for growth or needs to boost win rates, we can help. IFG will partner with your existing resources and technical staff to provide services to match your needs.

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Proposal Development and Management Services

  • Strategy Development
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Compliance
  • Process Management
  • Team Communication
  • Staffing Strategy
  • Win Theme Development
  • Scheduling / Internal Resource Management
  • Recruiting / Staff Placement
  • Graphics Assistance
  • Risk / Contract / Legal / T&C Review
  • Proposal Writing
  • Staffing-related
  • Company Qualifications / Past Performance
  • Administrative
  • Response to SOW direction and editing
  • Proposal Reviews and Production
  • Post-Award Contract Transition and Communication
  • Interview / Presentation Preparation
  • Boilerplate Material Development
  • Client Training for Self-sufficiency

Contract Services

The IFG Proposal and Contract Services team also provides guidance, development, and compliance audits for IT Procurement Contracting vehicles such as the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS), IT Master Services Agreement (MSA), individual county contracts, CDT’s Agile Pre- Qualified Vendor Pool, and CalPERS Spring-fed and Vendor Pools among several others.

  • Client Education
  • Compliance
  • Contract Application Development
  • Proposal Reviews and Production
  • Monitoring and Tracking

Meet the Team

The IFG Proposal and Contract Services team has worked together since 2012 managing and developing deadline-driven responses to state and local government requests.

Together, they have developed effective systems and tools for managing, executing, and tracking all aspects of the proposal process. Each member has a proven history of facilitating and meeting milestones and deadlines while maintaining a high level of quality through careful coordination of all phases of proposals from needs assessment through completion.

Dawn Lewis

Dawn has 25 years of experience with strategic technology marketing, procurements, and contracts. Her experience includes 16 years leading proposal management efforts for large, multi-year state and local government procurements. Dawn’s project expertise encompasses the complete procurement evaluation and response development effort from risk assessment and strategy development through process management, proposal development and content management, and post-award contract transitions.

Colleen Abrams

Colleen has 30 years of experience in business communications focused on technology. Her experience includes eight years of writing and managing deadline-driven responses to federal, state, and local government requests for proposals. Colleen also has 15 years of marketing communications consultation experience with Silicon Valley technology companies. She has proven success in proposal development and management, compliance, writing and editing, and systems and process development.

Thuy Truong

Thuy has eight years of experience supporting information technology consulting firms with focus on public sector proposal management and marketing. She is deadline driven and experienced with process management and proposal management, facilitation, and execution. Thuy’s detail-oriented and organized project approach helps to ensure submittal of compliant and successful responses.


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Get started with IFG Proposals and Contract Services by getting in touch with Dawn Lewis, IFG’s Director of Capture and Marketing. Request a call with Dawn using the form below, or give her a call at (916) 201-4723.