Enterprise Business Agility

In a world where technology innovation brings complexity and sustainability concerns, an Enterprise Business Agility strategy can help to cultivate capabilities that will ensure that your organization can not only deliver, but also sustain, measurable business value.  We partner with some of the industry thought leaders to provide the latest in emerging best practices to empower your teams to drive value to your business mission.
Agile Transformation Strategy
The first step in building a Agile Transformation Strategy is to take a holistic assessment of people, process and technology to create a roadmap for realizing value from IT processes and practices.

The strategy identifies 7 key foundational pillars to measure your organization’s health and provides the basis for developing a organizational roadmap to build capabilities that are more mature and sustainable.

  • Customer Seat at the Table
  • Stable Teams
  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Agile Framework
  • Leadership/Culture
  • Make it Stick
  • Technology Transformation

Digital Services
Part of the Digital Transformation journey involves shifting the mindset from traditional approaches to developing technology solutions to understanding how technology helps drive business goals and outcomes.  Key tenets for realizing value are:

  • Produce working software faster
  • Adopting Lean thinking to shift from doing things right to doing the right things
  • Reliably predict the expected progress of your Agile projects
  • Prioritizing activities to ensure teams are working on the capabilities that the business user values most

DevOps - Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
We help our customers develop capabilities that provide economies of scale and supportability using best practices from technology leaders like AWS, Docker, Hashicorp, and Google.  The goals of our DevOps practice are to help you accelerate your ability to deliver functionality to your business users more quickly and to drive down the costs to remediate issues caused by manual processes.  We provide complete end to end support to empower your teams to effectively maximize the full potential from Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery processes from architecture to implementation and production support.

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